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Welcome to Home Page for the Guitar Mode Maker, guitar scales, chords and modes for guitar players and bass guitar players!

Two Brothers Software is proud to continue to support Guitar Mode Maker 3.0! This great software allows the guitar player to learn all of the scales, edit scales and chords. Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 is a great teaching tool for all guitar players. Hear all the notes in your scale with this great easy to use product. This program will help the guitar player learn scales, modes, chords, and create new scales. Designed to be easy enough for the beginner and comprehensive for the advanced user, Guitar Mode Maker and Bass Guitar Mode Maker is the only customizable learning tool that we are aware off. Learn ALL Chords and Scales. Review the Chord and Scale List for GMM 3.0. Over 750 Chords and Scales Included in the trial installation!

Some Example Chords included are  Bb 7th , Bb 7th ,  Bb 7th , Bb 7th ,  Bb 7th

This easy to learn program also has the capability of the user sharing their scales with others through a new and improved, unique scale file (.GS2 file)!

Some Example Scales included are  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2)

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Registration of Guitar Mode Maker and Bass Guitar Mode Maker is very easy. Visit the Two Brothers Software store to register GMM or BGMM.

Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for linux comes with hundreds of scales, chords and modes to help you learn! Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 is available only for Linux. Additionally for BASS GUITAR PLAYERS, Bass Guitar Mode Maker! Now bass players can have all the scales, modes and chords too! Bass Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 available for download now!

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