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Welcome to the frequently asked question page for Guitar Mode Maker and Bass Guitar Mode maker.

If you came here with a question and can't find the answer, please CONTACT Two Brothers Software to help.

Windows 98 users:
If you are installing GMM 3.0 with Windows 98, you may see a file registry error. This error is incorrectly reported. There is no error with this, click IGNORE this error, and continue with installation. The program will work correctly even with this error. All of the feature of GMM 3.0 will work even with this error.

Can I get an extension on the trial of GMM 3.0?
The way that GMM 3.0 is designed, there is no way to extend the trial setup of GMM 3.0 without registering the program.

I am a guitar teacher, can I get a discount?
yes if more than 1 copy is purchased. You must contact us prior to purchasing to get this discount! Generally these discounts are quite significant.

I want Guitar Mode Maker 2.o, how do I get it?
Guitar Mode Maker 2.0 is no longer available for download, it is not available here or anywhere.

I have a registration key for BGMM or GMM and it will not register?
Please contact Two Brothers Software. We would be happy to help you. Let us know your E-Mail address, and your registration key!

I would like to install the program into a different directory or different drive, how do I do that?
These programs cannot be installed into a different directory or a different drive. The drive this program is installed on must be the Widows Volume Root Directory.

Does anyone recommend Guitar Mode Maker?
Recommended by 4 out of 5 Dentists who chew electric guitars!

Some Example Scales included are  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2)

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Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 for linux comes with hundreds of scales, chords and modes to help you learn! Guitar Mode Maker 1.0 is available only for Linux. Additionally for BASS GUITAR PLAYERS, Bass Guitar Mode Maker! Now bass players can have all the scales, modes and chords too! Bass Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 available for download now!

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