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Thanks for Visiting the Guitar Mode Maker Page. Now available, Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 with extended features. New features of Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 include:

      Click on the fret board to activate notes
      Piano Keyboard signaling which notes are active
      Listen to the scale through your computer speakers
      New GS2 Guitar File to share with Guitar and Bass players
      Create all 12 keys of a scale or chord easily!
      Over 750 Scales and Chords included!

Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 trial does not include all of the files and processing engine as the full version of this software includes. Please understand when purchasing this software you will be required to download the entire GMM 3.0 program that is 8.7MB.

Welcome to Guitar Mode Maker, home page and download page. This software is available for Windows and Linux. Windows requirements: Windows 98se or above, 64Mb of ram and 15MB of hard drive space available and .Net Framework (available here), .

If downloading the installer for Windows 98, please review the FAQ page for more information.

Download GMM 3.0 for Windows - 3.4 MB download.

Guitar Mode Maker 3.0 available at this time.

Guitar Mode Maker for Linux - has been tested under Mandrake, SuSE and Fedora. Please let us know if you have problems with your individual configuration so we can improve this software experience!

This link will download GMM for Linux, as an RPM, 29 KB!

GMM 1.0 for Linux will continue to be supported indefinitely.

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