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Welcome to the scale list for GMM 2.0 Here is the list of all of the scales and chords that are included with GMM 2.0. All of these scales and chords are installed with this softaware under the following Keys:

C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B

Chords. (480 chords are installed with this software) The list will be listed with the key of C as a base and are installed in all of the keys listed above

C5 chord
C 7th
C 7th sus4
C (b5)
C major
C +
C Minor 7th
C Major 7th
C Minor Major 7th
C Sus 4
C 6th
C 6th (b5)
C 6th sus 4
C 9th
C 11th
C 13th #11
C 13th
C (#11)
C (b 6th)
C (b 9th)
C (7/6)
C (9/6)
C added 9th
C Minor 6th
C Minor 11th
C Minor 13th
C Minor (9/6)
C Minor (#11)
C Minor (b 6th)
C Minor (b 9th)
C Minor added 9th
C Minor Major 9th
C Minor Major 11th
C Minor Major 13th
C Minor Major 13th #11
C Major 9th
C Major 11th
C Major 13th #11
C Major 13th
C Sus4 added 9th

Scales, as above all of the scales are available in all of the keys. The scales will be listed in the key of C as reference. (468 scales are installed with this software)

C Aeolean
C Dorian (b2)
C Dorian
C Hindu
C Locrian
C Lydian Augmented
C Lydian Dominant
C Lydian
C Major
C Melodic
C Mixolydian
C Phyrigian
C 8 tone spanish
C Augmented
C Bebop Dominant
C Bebop locrian (natural 2)
B Bebop Major
C Composite II
C Dimished
C Dominant sus
C Enigmatic Minor
C Enigmatic
C Harmonic Major
C Harmonic Minor
C Hirojoshi
C Hungarian Minor
C Ionian (b5)
C Kumoi
C Locrian (natural 2)
C Locrian (natural 7)
C Minor Pentatonic
C Neopolitan Major
C Neopolitan Minor
C Pelog
C Persian
C Phyrigian major
C Super Locrian
C Whole Tone
C Bebop Dorian

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