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Scales are sets of notes that are played in certain musical keys. Scales range from 5 notes to 7 notes, sometimes even 8 notes. Each scale is based on chords that are included in the scale. Most scales are listed as major or minor.

As important as knowing the scales is knowing the chords that go with the scales. Guitar Mode Maker and Bass Guitar Mode Maker has the ability to load the following CHORDS in any key

5 chord
7th sus4
Minor 7th
Major 7th
Minor Major 7th
Sus 4
6th (b5)
6th sus 4
13th #11
(b 6th)
(b 9th)
added 9th
Minor 6th
Minor 11th
Minor 13th
Minor (9/6)
Minor (#11)
Minor (b 6th)
Minor (b 9th)
Minor added 9th
Minor Major 9th
Minor Major 11th
Minor Major 13th
Minor Major 13th #11
Major 9th
Major 11th
Major 13th #11
Major 13th
Sus4 added 9th

Recommended by 4 out of 5 Dentists who chew electric guitars!

Some Example Scales included are  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2) , Bb Dorian (b2),  Bb Dorian (b2)

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